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Distribution & Licensing

Munazul Ltd is a designer and luxury brand established in 2017 and trading as of 2018. In order to supply our own brand and other designer brands - several licenses need to be obtained. We have several distribution and licensing agreements in place. We do not need to disclose these agreements to customers to protect the distribution licensing agreements made with suppliers and to protect our rights against competitors. Munazul Ltd adheres to the competition act 1998 and adheres to all UK rules and regulations.

To comply with all regulations - our partnering e-commerce platform Shopify request all licensing documentation via their risk and operations department beforehand to allow us to sell these luxury brands to our customers. This can assure our customers that they are getting the best luxury designer brands to offer online.

Munazul Ltd is powered by payment gateways via shopify payments and WorldPay who also require disclosure to all licensing and distribution agreements to minimize risk. 


Munazul Senior Management