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About Us

Munazul was established in 2017. How did it come about? The man behind the scenes, has extensive knowledge of the fashion industry. Working tirelessly for several brands in the previous five years including Tom Ford as a brand ambassador - he decided to venture out on his own and put the array of skills he developed in designing and bringing a new dimension to comfortable and formal attires.

This forms Munazul's vision in bringing the most unique luxury attires as well as lounge wear. "We want to be the trendsetters and truly invigorate the fashion scene which has taken drastic changes in the last few years". With a broad range of designers in Italy and several manufacturers mostly based in Abu Dhabi, Munazul aims to set the standards when it comes to high quality garments.

The finished produce really represents Munazul as a brand as we want to deliver the future of fashion with attitude and vigour. "We aspire to be a global phenomenon in the upcoming years. Be a part of the transition".

The Kartel Room forms the second part of Munazul's delivery with a concept of providing the world's most sought after unique luxury collection from big brand names, mirroring what is already provided by the well known Harvey Nichols.